PILLS: Diet Pills, Slimming Pills, Birth Control Pills, Morning After Pills.

Pills are generally defined as “a small portion of a drug or drugs to be taken orally”. Though pills can be used to refer to many different kinds of pills, the general association of the word Pill has been with the birth control pill or the Contraceptive pill. The markets today are flooded with quick-fix solutions to any and all problems or so it would seem. We have the diet pills and the slimming pills which promise to make us lose weight and give us Size Zero bodies. From times immemorial women have always tried to enhance their looks. So, if you have that acne sneaking on you, you can pop an acne pill to make it vanish or pop a breast pill to get that sculpted body.

Pills in India are gaining popularity by the day, as today’s India looks for quick-fix solutions to most problems. It is not very uncommon to see advertisements like:

“Get Slim in 2 weeks” or “Get Slim, Stay Slim”. The mass media carries advertisements for the emergency contraceptive pill for those ‘accidental moments of intimacies’. Medical companies in India and abroad are going all out to come up with better and quicker solutions to the myriad problems we encounter every day.

The buyer today has a range of options while choosing to buy pills, it could be either prescription pills or over the counter pills or buy tablets online, for the countless problems which need to be solved in a jiffy. Moreover, the options are not just restricted to the variety but the buyers also have an option of buying cheap pills online. If you would rather not pop pills then the patches available in the market promise the same thing.

Women’s health issues which till now were generally confined to the rare gynecological visit are now discussed with much forthrightness than ever before. And why not? So what are the kinds of pills available for us in the market? What do they do? Where can you get them? Do the miracles that the advertisements promise actually take place?

Let us try and address some of these questions for you.